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July 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

There is an X-File brewing in Colorado. The mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater that killed 12 people and wounded dozens early Friday has a sickening familiarity.

What is it about Colorado that it breeds mass murderers, particularly those who shoot up schools, movie theaters and churches – killing dozens of innocent people. Perhaps it is the Manchurian Candidate syndrome as once again a seemingly mild mannered outsider takes rage killing to the next level as the killings in Aurora, Colorado have taken center stage in our news consciousness.

Here is a quick list:
The Columbine massacre in 1999;
The New Life Church shootings in 2007; and now,
The Movie theater Shootings in Colorado.

Why Colorado?

While the politicians will decry the unspeakable violence and pledge to make things better, clearly they are not able to get a hold of whatever it is that is troubling the youth there with three serial massacres in less than a generation. They are not an anomaly, something is terribly wrong and that’s why I raise the X Files. At what point do we stop attributing these events to randomness.

Can we blame the gun lobby?

I think not. I say that not because I’m pro-2nd Ammendment but think about it. If this James Holmes, or Norweigian killer Anders Breivik for instance were set on destruction and couldn’t get their hands on guns they would have figured out a way to get a hold of bus and mow people down, or poison the water supply.

No, the larger question is why take it out on innocent people. THAT’s the question that our best minds need to answer. How to protect the innocents, none more importantly than the children.

Some say that there are cultural and social differences in the West with respect to people using violence as a way to deal with depression, stress, being bullied etc. Perhpas. While all you have to do is look to the D.C. Sniper or any number of the 300 or so serial killers operating at any given time in the U.S. to counter that theory, one might still suggest these are different crimes.

The crime that James Holmes committed in Colorado was one of mass execution, not a game of cat an mouse such as the D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad.

And so, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper assured people that this is a “safe city, in a safe state, in a safe country” and the former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer chimed in saying that shooting was “just happenstance.” And to be sure Colorado is a beautiful state that for the most part is safe.

And so now James Holmes can take his place among the likes of Kliebold & Harris, Breivik, Seung-Hui Cho (East Coast btw), Jared Loughner and others. There will be the usual blaming of the gun industry and the gaming industry and others. But how do you legislate or regulate the human psyche? You can’t. Not in the courts, not online, and not in Colorado which for some reason is the odds on favorite for the next such an event to occur.

An X File in Colorado Mass Shootings

Click for An X File in Colorado Mass Shootings

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