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May 31st, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

With the passing of Dennis Hopper we’re left with that many fewer great actors.

Dennis Hopper great? Yeah…. I think you can put him up there in that category.

So that leaves DeNiro, Pacino, Hopkins, perhaps I’m missing a few. From this generation we have Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt…. yes Brad Pitt (see Benjamin Button). On the womens’ side it’s even worse.

There are loads of actresses who make a temporary mark for a film or two but then quickly disappear – there are too many to even start naming. But I think the greatest actress of our generation is probably Meryl Streep – that’s about it. Of course you used to have Sophia Loren and all the blond bombshells…. Now we have Michelle Bombshell McGee. Think about it. What do you need great actresses for when you Snookie from Jersey Shore who’s claim to fame is getting punched in the face?


Everytime a something like this happens – a great personality dies, a landmark is torn down, the subway token is replaced with the metrocard… it’s like a little piece of your life sifts quietly into the past. Sometimes, I think I was born too late. Or too early. I told my son last night while we were watching a show on new spaceships that one day – he could possibly be on one.

Me? I’d be lucky to get to the moon on a space tourism jaunt.

Don't Look At Me!

And so Dennis Hopper I lament your passing…. perhaps, selfishly so – because I feel a little older and that much more lonely today.

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