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November 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

I’m Finally On Vacation. It’s been two years since I’ve been off. And as most Dads know – there is no time off. Because when the work day ends, you have to step up and prove your worth at home with the baby or helping Junior with his homework.

Now that I have some time to catch up, I wondered if it was just me or how common it was to feel like I do. I have posted before about Americans’ collective lack of sleep ( see previous post – )

So after a little digging I found out the following interesting facts.

According to the World Tourism Organization (wouldn’t you like to work for them?)…

Italy has the most vacation days, with the average worker there getting 42 paid days off.

Next was France with 37 days;
Then Germany with 35,
Brazil at 34;
United Kingdom at 28;
Canada with 26; and,
Korea and Japan both with 25.

The United States was near the bottom of the list with the average worker getting 13 days off. In other words, Americans are vacation deprived.

But according to the study even with those 13 days off, only 57 percent of Americans take them all. Meanwhile eighty-nine percent of the French use all of their days off.

They sure know how to vacation in France.

Just kidding – my nephews are French. Really.

Here’s Holiday In The Sun by THE SEX PISTOLS.

Not Enough Americans Taking Vacation

Not Enough Americans Taking Vacation

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