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A WORD ABOUT WEBINARS. Brian McLane weighs in on Facebook Webinars.

August 28th, 2009 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Webinar Anyone?

Pontificator vs. Wanabee

Seriously. How many of these do you go to?

You know how you get invited to a webinar every few hours on Facebook? Sometimes they sound interesting. Like how to make a million dollars part time working from home, or, basics of home security?? Everyone’s trying to make a buck. And they’re doing it by trying to tell YOU how to make a buck. Well, everyone can’t make a buck if everyone’s making… a … buck…. Wait…. I…. thought I knew what I was talking about.

Anyway, I just attended one about how to get 30,000 people to follow you on Twitter. They’re certainly nice enough guys but, it was just like listening in on a phone conversation – YAWN. SO?

If you can’t ask questions, save yourself the time – get out of there immediately. Also, if they don’t have a real website – something SLAMMING like, MOBILSTER and it’s just a free blog like this site, most likely – they’re all talk. Fortunately I was working while jotting down the occasional statistic but what a bore, and worse, a waste of my time. I’d rather watch the TV Guide Channel.

And by the way – anyone can click Follow 25,000 or 37,000 times for a year – until they get a zillion followers. I’d rather have 300 dedicated followers who interact with me, and forward my work (samples of the mobile sites I do), oh something like THIS or THIS. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. And people getting to know your reputation as someone they can trust. Most times you get one shot.

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