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August 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

casey anthony a society of wolves

Casey anthony a society of wolves

Men hunt women, politicians take advantage of their position, investment houses take advantage of the greedy and banks the average guy, gangs riot and now employ texting to control flash mobs, drugs ravage the week.

Nice cheery way to start a post huh?

I just finished my double shift as a fireguard for the Play Ghost Girl. Shorena and the kids went to a big “Supra” (feast), near Philadelphia so I could have hung out but alas there was no cast party. Odd because when we did Europa at The Kraine (see previous posts), there was a cast party every night. So I went to the eighth avenue subway at 34th and headed home.

Speaking of plays here we go again with the presidential primaries. All the new faces playing the same old characters. It’s like seeing the 14th revival of Hair. Would you go?

Yet we are meat for their meal, fodder for their folly.

I will write a play called “Straw Poll”

Who will play Jared Loughner?

Continuing, things happen for a reason and it’s been a while since I’ve been out in Manhattan on a Saturday night. And now I remember why.

Back in the day we went to the Ritz and Danceteria on Mondays and Tuesdays, Milk Bar and China Club on Wednesdays and Thursdays and if you were going out and not to someone’s house or local pub, it was only CBGB on Fridays and Saturdays (I played over 100 of them).

Girls who get wasted drunk and look to make their way home, sometimes alone, are like lambs and at the mercy of wolves. Or become a wolf like perhaps like Casey Anthony.

At 10:30 what I saw were dozens of young girls in twos, threes and fours wearing skin tight skirts on there way to hopefully meet someone. But just who are you trying to meet and what are you trying to convey by looking like a whore. And I’m not exaggerating. All these girls were neophytes and would no doubt soon be, willingly, in the company of wolves.

This Pakistani Guy had his beautiful wife and mother of his child murdered by his whore. Even the whore was some daddy’s little girl, until she came across a wolf.

Most of the lambs got off at West 14th (meatpacking district), West 4th (Village and West Village), Spring (Soho) and Canal (Tribeca). The guys yelling and drinking beers in paper bags were surrounding and hitting on them. These were the low rent types. Otherwise why would they be on the train. At least pool your money and arrive by cab. But these kids haven’t figured that out yet.

Like sheep we suck in what the mass media feeds us. Ideas of sexuality, images of lust, idles of banality.

And so the disgusting display which unfolded in front if me for 6 stops left me feeling only fortunate that it was early enough before the alcohol had begun doing it’s work.

By the time I arrived at Jay Street the demographic had changed to a point where I felt comfortable again. I can more easily stare at the Big Butt and Tattoo magazines than I can at girls who might one day be my daughter.


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