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March 12th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Social Commentary

I missed the Urban Blight reunion at the Canal Room. I’m betting a bunch of other people did too. And I’m still a little sore. It was, wow, about 30 years ago when Mondo Boffo scored an opening slot with Urban Blight on a New Year’s Eve at CBGB. From that point I was hooked.

I don’t remember any Urban Blight show not being packed to the back of the back of the house whether it was The Ritz (saw the Beastie Boys open for them), Trax (true New Yorkers from the 80’s era will remember that club), Lone Star Cafe and later the Lone Star Roadhouse, even the Mudd Club (Google it Youngstas).

So it was good as I walked into the venue with my wife and son (Two Boots in Park Slope Brooklyn), to catch Paul and Tony’s eye and get the friendly “what up smile”. We got a table, ordered some food and we were watching the band pump out the jams with some of my favorite Karaoke tunes like Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find”. Couple of a brews and it was like old times watching the horns crisply hit those spots and then wail on cue.

Ahhhh good times.

In between sets Paul came over and pretty much spent his whole break with us. Turns out he has a Georgian connection and I was happy that finally one of my friends from high school finally got to met my wife, and mother of my daughter. We checked out some photos, traded some stories and then it was back to work for Chez.

It’s amazing because as we were talking I was thinking how it doesn’t really seem like it’s been thirty years. But I don’t think I’m stepping on a limb by saying that it’s the creativity and the camaraderie that keeps us young, the smiles on our faces and the happiness under the hearth.

Boys night out, which should be a weekly happening came with some good memories this time. And apparently they’ll be continuing because the UB horns keep on a rolling – like the Memphis Train. The band plays at Two Boots about once a month. The place was full though not stuffed like Urban Blight gigs. Here’s the link to Two Boots Brooklyn and a clip from the show.

kevin batchelor tony orbach paul vercesi of urban blight

Click to watch Tony Orbach, Paul Percesi and Kevin Batchelor of Urban Blight

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  • Jim Kiernan

    Thanks for your comments. I found out I just missed another UB show. Caught the train at
    Two Boots last night(5/27). New female singer, different bass player: same great sound.
    Still hard to believe I can see such a great show for the price of a meal. Jack will be busy with CB now. See you in September.

  • admin

    If you go to my YouTube Channel you can see some clips from the show. I’ve caught the train too and live in Brooklyn as well.

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