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March 11th, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

How far is it from Kandahar to New York?

One thing the presidential candidates will have to their advantage is the poor disciplinary record of our soldiers in Afghanistan. From accidentally bombing funeral processions, burning Korans, to pissing on dead Taliban enemy combatants, the let downs never seem to end. But murdering innocent women and toddlers – it’s heartbreaking and this time the damage really may be irreparable.

How far is it from Kandahar to New York?

Only a week or two ago I blogged about the “pissing” incident and wondered aloud if it wasn’t time to get our guys out of there as it seems they’ve reached their max capacity to follow orders, the rules of war and, too often, commit atrocities.

Now this.

How far is it from Kandahar to New York?

And to see President Obama almost insensitively tow the line about how he feels sympathy but that we shouldn’t rush to drawn down? How about WHO’S MINDING THE F’ING STORE? How does a PSYCHO with night vision goggles and weaponry GET OFF THE BASE IN THE FIRST PLACE???? Where were the Military Police? And who is this guy – some staff sergeant from Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington?

How far is it from Kandahar to New York?

And we’ll never even know if we’re getting the entire truth. One of the surviving children, an eleven year old boy clearly said that soldiers – as in plural, burst into his house and started blasting. The political spinsters, administration officials and pundits are once again saying that an investigation needs to be conducted and be transparent. WHO CARES? Much less WHO BELIEVES ANY OF THESE LIARS ANYMORE?

I don’t know about you but I believe that eleven year old boy more so than my own President. Who can put this right? The wrong people are in charge and it’s getting scary. Bottom line is our troops are going psycho over there and it’s time to get them home, spend that money here and become energy independent – not just talk about it.

You can watch this video from three (THREE) years ago from Afghanistan’s President Karzai begging Obama to stop the civilian casualties. But Obama has gotten so comfortable coming up with excuses and can tap dance around an issue better than Fred Astaire could Ginger Rogers.

bring our troops home now

click for Karzai Appeal to end Civilian Deaths.

How far is it from Kandahar to New York? It’s not a question of miles anymore. And the answer is – it’s a lot closer than you think.

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