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August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

Republicans Don't Stand A Chance

Republicans Don’t Stand A Chance

Mitt Romney is a sacrificial lamb. I guess it’s better than not getting to run for President at all. By 2016 there will be a new blood and perhaps that’s the way it should be.

Condoleezza Rice as a Veep? Probably a good choice but I just can’t see the Republicans being that progressive. Since Mitt’s a mormon they have a lot of fences to mend with the right and right there the battle is lost. Think about the Clinton Strategy.

Recently I watched a PBS American Experience on Clinton and how remarkable it was that the guy who had all these skeletons in his closet from affairs to financial dealings of a dubious nature was able to obtain the presidency. Why – because of a centrist message.

It begs the question – will the Republicans ever again win the Presidency.

A strategic chess match that comes down to a handful of states such as Florida and Ohio where the message is jobs and growth is compromised by the right’s inability to court women and ethnic voters. People just don’t trust big business and no matter how you slice it, the small business owner isn’t going to buy into the growth and low taxes message as wall street repeatedly proves that the business playing field is not a level one.

The republicans may be right (pardon the pun) on many things most notably in my opinion personal responsibility, second amendment and taxes. But will not be able to shake the bigger issues which dog them. And what Reagan was able to get over on the public with the trickle down economic theory, Mitt Romney will have no such luck in conveying the same.

Certainly if he doesn’t show his tax returns.

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