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April 1st, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

Here’s Mitt Romney in a lighter moment. But the joke is on him ultimately. Because I’m calling it now. Obama in a landslide.

Yes there are those disaffected democrats but ultimately it comes down to this question.

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago. Ironically, that question was asked by Ronald Reagan. The train may be swerving wildly down the tracks but that’s in my opinion better than the heap of burnt rubble that George W. Bush left it in. And personally, I’m doing better.

Had the GOP come up with a better candidate – maybe they would have had a chance. But Mitt Romney will be sacrificial lamb number two for Barack Obama – worse than McCain. In fact, I think McCain in a rematch alongside someone with a brain for VEEP would be a better ticket. Muhammad Ali won his rematch with Frazier right? George St. Pierre beat Matt Serra right?

Well here are some snippets from comments on a Republican Thread. I think it speaks for itself.

– Mitt Romney does not provide a clear contrast with President Obama and he is likely to lose in November.

– I think there’s little doubt the GOP will win control of the Senate.

– 8 senate races that are in a statistical tie: Maine, Massachussetts, Montana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin.

– If, a week or so before the election, Obama is way out in front in the polls, is that going to discourage republicans from voting?

– Everything would have to fall into place perfectly for the GOP to take 60 seats in the Senate.

– Republican “conservatives” have gone so far to the right as to be arguably out of touch with reality.

– I think Romney is a good choice and he does stand out.

– People are so naive to think america will go on as normal with such gigantic debt and incompitent economic vision.

– More then ever before the whole WORLD needs a great businessman president with the experience and desire to revive the American economy.

– The Democrats who have moved left, the GOP is exactly where it was 30 years ago except this time we nominated a liberal.

BTW – Did you hear Reagan was reanimated? April Fools. Click the Image of Romney slapping a pancake on Paul Ryan to go to a funny April Fool’s Website if you’re really bored with all the rhetoric.

Mitt Romney - the April Fool

Click if you're really bored with Politics

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