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December 4th, 2011 · No Comments · Politics

In the wake of, yet another, revelation of philandering mixed with running for the Presidency, one has to ask themselves between chuckles, “What is it with these guys?”

What I would have given to see the look on Mark Sanford’s face when he was outed in the airport coming back from South America. Republicans, Democrats, it makes no difference. And what’s with the wives of cheating politicians? Are they all coincidentally that blind? At least John McCain married his mistress. Even the Reverend Jessie Jackson belongs to the liars club.

To be sure at some point in their respective minds, famous cheating candidates had to make a decision as to whether their personal fortunes, as well as all the money they would bilk out of the duped schnooks who back them, would last into the oval office. I can’t readily think of any female politicians who found themselves in the same, uh, position. However I wonder if it isn’t in fact a criminal act to run for the presidency and be proven to be an adulterer as adultery is illegal in some states.

Even worse is if a candidate like Herman Cain who could pull off a national hoax for as long as he did were to actually get into office, what then? We would have as a commander and chief someone with a double minded calculating and dysfunctional psychological make up that the nation would certainly be at constant risk.

Herman Cain looked 10 years older (even wearing the sunglasses) when he gave his exit speech (we all know that suspending means he’s done). What an embarrassment this man is but that ironically leaves us with, believe it or not, Newt Gingrich as the front-runner. Yes, the same Newt Gingrich who was boinking the glamerous Callista Bisek while pointing the finger at, actually leading the congressional investigation into Bill Clinton’s lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky

HERMAN CAIN, JIM MCGREEVY, MARK SANFORD, JOHN EDWARDS, GARY HART, ELIOT SPITZER, CHIP PICKERING, NEWT GINGRICH, JOHN MCCAIN, JESSE JACKSON…. no one is faulting you as being any worse than most of the rest of us…. just running for President. Bill Clinton doesn’t count because he, John Kennedy and the rest already were president.

Here’s an incredible clip I’m dedicating to Herman Cain, our latest, World’s Biggest Loser contest – Patsy Cline’s version of Hank Williams’ Your Cheating Heart from 1957 on the Arthur Godfrey’s show.

Herman Cain Cheater and Other Famous Cheating Politicians

Click for video Herman Cain Cheater and Other Famous Cheating Politicians

Just incredible.

#Cheating Politicians… What is it with these guys?

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