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February 16th, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

Councilman Domenic Recchia Doesn't Mind Illegal Flyering and Garbage.

Councilman Domenic Recchia Doesn't Mind Illegal Flyering and Garbage.

Does Domenic M. Recchia Like Garbage More Than Money? An Open Letter To Councilman Recchia.

I live in Gravesend Brooklyn near Kings Highway where Domenic Recchia is the Councilman from the 47th District. Every morning when I go to work I see hundreds of posters on lamp-posts and telephone poles, on mailboxes and stop lights and always wonder where is Councilman Domenic Recchia? If Councilman Recchia actually spent any time in 11223 he would be appalled by the inordinant amount of flyers and posters all over the place which begs the question. Is Domenic Rechhia, Jr., ever around or is he simply blind to the state of affairs with respect to illegal flyering on Kings Highway?

The large majority of them are large format color print jobs (not cheap) for Jewish events, also on McDonald Avenue for Latino Tejano bands, that are taped to the sides of buildings with masking tape, as well as in between stores. On the lamp-posts it’s a different demographic. The flyers usually cheap black and white with tear offs that have phone numbers. These flyers are for computer repair, pet Grooming, apartments for rent, maids or cleaning services and so on.

What both have in common Councilman Recchia is that they look awful after it rains and always wind up on the sidewalk. The streets look filthy. Furthermore I work for AT&T Advertising Solutions and have local businesses as clients who pay to be in our directory and shouldn’t have to compete for attention with lawbreakers. First of all it is statistically proven that flyering as a business marketing strategy is largely ineffective. Second, there is a large source of revenue that the city is overlooking.

And THAT’s where the department of sanitation comes in and needs to do its job. A quick & easy way to get money into the city’s coiffures is to start enforcing the no flyering law.

I’m sure that Councilman Recchia knows that it is illegal to put a poster on public property. Putting up flyers and posters (on public property, utility poles, etc.) is a misdomeanor. No other city in the USA tolerates it. The lamp-posts on my block are completely covered. One guy flyers over the next but they all wind up on the ground. I’m surprised Jewish Community leaders don’t speak up and approach these marketing companies because I would think it is a high sign of disrespect when a Rabbi’s picture winds up on the ground on Friday night or Saturday because Jewish people cannot do anything but look at it and step over it.

I wish people took more pride in their neighborhood though it’s a good bet that most of those doing the flyering here don’t reside in Gravesend. But Domenic Recchia resides in the Gravesend part of Brooklyn. Which is why we need our Councilman Domenick Recchia to show some leadership and attempt to have it cleaned up.

If he is not up to the task, please let me know who is running against him in the next election. This is an important quality of life issue with potentially major economic benefits for a city that needs money.

Some may say that they should allow posters to be put up and charge a fee per poster that meets certain specifications. You go online and ‘register’ the posters that you want to put up. Perhaps vendors could have legal poster areas that they could monitize and make available to smaller businesses. Maybe there should be designated framed areas that could be set up on several corners.

But the bottom line, Councilman, is that unchecked postering and flyering is disgusting and against the law, needs to be stopped and the lawbreakers fined.

Domenic Recchia Show Some Concern For Gravesend and Stop Illegal Postering

Domenic Recchia Show Some Concern For Gravesend and Stop Illegal Postering

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