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August 30th, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

I recently wrote that this bunch of Republicans doesn’t have a chance…. and after seeing this convention, with it’s tired cliches and stiff deliveries, I feel even more certain. Not just that Romney is a weak candidate, but because the base of the party has lost its way.

Fractured by the Tea Party and the religious right, and unable to attract the ever increasing “minority” vote, we may not see another Republican president for quite some time. The handlers have it all wrong and are truly lost.

For sure the fact that big business has raped the American economy over the past few decades doesn’t help Mitt Romney with his equal playing field for small business message. No one believes that. And we’ve heard about energy independence but yet no one in the party wants to admit to global warming. But let’s forget about the facts for a minute and talk about tactics.

Especially when those running this convention can allow an 82 year old, grizzled and seemingly detached Clint Eastwood take the stage with an image from The Outlaw Josey Wales behind him, shortly before the candidate accepts the nomination, only to embarrass himself in front of a national audience, it only serves to highlight the ineptitude of the establishment.

To be sure I’m a libertarian. Maybe even a constitutionalist. But I don’t vote ideology, rather am interested in the issues. On some I come down Republican, and on some I come down as a Democrat. But it is truly sad that this isn’t even a fair fight anymore.

Until someone can throw out the extremists and spinmeisters from the GOP, they will never win the White House. Only by positioning the platform a bit right of center and courting the moderates will Republicans win the Presidency.

A tweet from had it right. How could the handlers have let this debacle happen? There will be no recovering from this and the election is over I suggest now. Because instead of talking about how Mitt Romney, stiff as a board and flip-flopper that he is, at the water-cooler, they’ll be talking about Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair.

Barack Obama threw a knock out punch tonight and he didn’t even have to be there to throw it.

Clint Eastwood And The Empty Chair

Clint Eastwood And The Empty Chair

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