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February 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Politics

How is it possible that the United States is still producing soldiers that are stupid enough, incencitive enough and frankly traitorous enough to do something so reckless as burning Korans? After Abu Ghraib…. after pissing on dead taliban, and other incidents that have come and gone you would think such things couldn’t happen. That in boot camp they would tell you no to desecration and what the consequences are…. but apparantly not.

Someone made the YES/NO decision to say – yeah go ahead and burn Korans. It wasn’t just some grunt. The point being that stress of war or not, something is seriously dysfunctional with the way our fighting forces are being trained and or commanded. No one is doubting their heroism. But something is wrong somewhere if this kind of thing can keep happening.

There are some reports that have come out about Bibles having been burnt, and that the Korans at issue had secret messages to prisoners but really neither are relevant. People over there care and such careless acts result in rioting and death. So one would think that more sensitivity would be the obvious course to follow.

Yet some of our guys just can’t seem to learn from past mistakes and get that through their heads. That as long as nations are intent upon savaging each other through the course of war, can’t we just do it respectfully?

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