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September 23rd, 2011 · No Comments · Politics

This show (the debates not America Live with Megyn Kelly), is like a bad rerun. Every four years it ‘s the same. Now Star Trek I can watch over and over again, especially the one where Captain Kirk is tried for being a witch.

Not this show.

Look, I’m just an average guy and I know a lot of average people, I had many of them in my living room and the one thing I kept hearing was “Sounds good but ain’t gonna happen.”

The biggest question is how do you get Americans shaving again? Did you see these guys asking these questions?

No one’s going to take you seriously much less give you a job if you don’t shave. With the women I don’t even want to go there.

I think the only ticket that wins is Romney Palin because he’s an admitted outsider, and she can satisfy your reality tv base.

If more people are at home watching reality tv, fewer people will be spending their money on dumb things and so they’ll be able to pay their mortgage which is ood for the housing market, jobs, and so on.

Here’s the Agenda.

More shaving
More reality tv
More savings

I think that Herman Cain gave us a clue when he said it’s a game so let’s at least have some fun with this.

People just don’t trust the politicians to be fair, honest and do the will of the people.

I say give Herman Cain more at bats. He’s comfotable with the process being a game, and has the best sense of humor.

At least he’ll keep it real.

Here are some of my running notes during the debate (my crib notes for the panel).

Enough of Rick Perry v. Mitt Romney

Get rid of EPA (screwed up 9/11)
Get rid of Dept. of Dept. of Ed.
Student Loan Crisis is 800 lb. Elephant in the Room (Get rid of Sallie Mae)

Michelle Bachman becoming irrelevant, vague & predictable

John Huntsman and Herman Cain Impressive

Romney most electable


Problem with e-verify…. called cash

Ron Paul smartest about money supply

Interesting point on search trends


Rick Santorum knowledgeable

Love Butch Russell’s question on why are we giving cash to countries that hate us?
like Newt Gingrich’s answer

Johnson hammering away at balanced budget.

Huntsman jumped in on national security.

Who cares

Great answer by Paul on Life – they tried to ambush him. Fox hates Ron Paul

Bush / Perry
Medicaid part D great answer if people have jobs to pay for care

Cain disingenuous on his Cancer? He could pay for any care he wants. Wouldn’t have to wait for okay from Insurance Company.

Huntsman good answer on streamlining medical records

Perry on Healthcare
Over and over more power to states

In General smaller guys giving ideas to the Charismatics

Hunstman (specific)
Tax reform
Energy Independence

Not sure why people keep attacking Obamacare? Butch Russell is right.

Perry on Economy
Lower Corporate Taxes?
How much more money do you want to give the Corporations?

Bad to lead with “32 years ago…”

On the last question about running mates like Cain’s answer.

After all…. it’s only a movie… Just keep telling yourself, it’s only a movie.

To see me on the panel click my image.

Brian McLane on Fox News With Megyn Kelly

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