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May 29th, 2011 · 2 Comments · music

I was once speaking with Chris Williamson about his storied career as a rock promoter and he’d alluded to the fact that he was going to bring his Rock Hotel back. Chris had every band you could think of at The Ritz (now Webster Hall) and felt that the current state of music was in such a sorry state that he and the bands he had check in at the Rock Hotel (names like The CroMags, Slayer, Dead Kennedys, Dickies, Butthole Surfers, DOA, the list would be endless so I’ll stop there) had to come back. Simply because there was no one else to do the job of “Rock”.

I’m not sure who is still around (or alive) from the Rock Hotel days but one band that is up to the charge is Urban Blight. As I mentioned I spent a good part of the 80’s going to Urban Blight shows but by 1995 everyone was getting married and having kids. Kurt Cobain had changed things, as well as Dr. Dre and others so it was time to pass the mantel.

Well it’s time to pass it back.

If what I saw on May 22 is any indication of what Urban Blight are capable of in 2011, then there just may be some hope for the New York music scene. Adrock of the Beastie Boys was the celebrity host for a day of events at Webster Hall benefiting the Children’s Museum culminating with a few performances with the headliner being Urban Blight.

And they did not disappoint. Just like the New York Dolls at The Bowery Ballroom or The Sex Pistols at Jones Beach, this show was one of those reminders that some things get better with time. And the time is now for The New York Dolls, and could be the time for Urban Blight. Timing is everything.

Big crowd, all rocking and screaming. Urban Blight has three huge assets: great songs, monster rhythm section and a dynamite crisp horn section. When lead singer Keene Carse (actually a gifted and the band’s first drummer) puts down the mic and picks up the Trombone to join Tony Orbach and Paul Vercesi center stage for lead horns, it doesn’t get better and their aren’t many who can pull it off. Guitarist Danny Lipman is a trumpet player too.

These guys can lay down the funk with a high degree of musicianship.

I was videotaping and on one of the cameras the condenser mic crapped out a few times because the crowd was so loud. So unfortunately I couldn’t put together edits (I did two cameras) of all the songs but the ones where I was able to not be bumped into, or the floor wasn’t bouncing too much, I have put on my YouTube Page.

Check out Get Closer and the Urban Blight Songs by clicking the picture below.

Urban Blight Band Better Than Ever

Click to see Urban Blight Band Better Than Ever

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