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December 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment · music

That’s right!

I just went to my Lastfm account and I don’t know how but there was a song in my library (that I never added) called STINGRAY by this band PUBLIC RELATIONS – no shyte! There’s a band called PUBLIC RELATIONS AND THEY’RE GREAT!!!

OMG – Listening to them now. It’s a “Crossover Group” (whatever that is) from the Czech Republic. I don’t listen to anything from the Czech Republic. This is freaky and another example of how you find stuff on the web that leads to other stuff and all of a sudden you’re turned onto something else.

That’s actually how I get all my new music. I go to, start with something (anything – this time it was Bad Religion) and the next thing you know I have 30 new tracks. Here’s how I do it (and with Google you don’t have to worry about any legalities because apparently Google is allowed to do whatever it wants and has the money to defeat all comers anyway (sorry Limewire.).

1. Go to
2. Find some snotty kid’s profile and make a note of the artists they’re listening to.
3. write them all down.
4. go to and get the background on that band and whatever song it was that broke them and then the release on YouTube that has the most views
5. on Youtube, insert the word “SAVE” right after the www. (but before the rest of the string).

Enjoy – and check out this band PUBLIC RELATIONS.

Click on the Image to check out this song or visit their website here

Public Relations Band Stingray

Public Relations Band Stingray

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  • Lada

    band sucks, frontmen is totally on the bottom, his voice as the voice of a goat, which pull the ball. It’s pathetic what a real steal hits other groups and prey on them. ONLY idiots listening

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