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January 4th, 2011 · No Comments · Media

I was talking with a Facebook friend tonight. I distinguish my Facebook friends from my Facebook friends of course hoping that my Facebook friends will become in person friends. This has not yet happened.

He is an expert in prophecy and those of you who read my blog know that a) I’m a Christian and b) I believe there’s something to this Globalism, New World Order business. But there’s a difference between outright thieving and tyranny which we are seeing on a global scale, and the seemingly paranormal. Like something out of the X-files (one of my favorite all time shows).

First, it was 5-thousand birds falling from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. That was on New Years Eve. The next day we hear reports of 100,000 fish dying and washing up along an Arkansas river. On Monday, another 5-hundred birds were found dead near a highway just north of Baton Rouge, La.

Is it another sign of the End of Days. My scholarly friend seems to think so.

Now, today we hear more bad news for wildlife. Thousands of dead fish washed ashore along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland in the past two weeks. In Brazil, its 100-tons of sardines and small catfish that have died.

Could it be UFO’s? I’m more likely to believe that then some kids in Arkansas that were shooting guns into the air on New Year’s Eve. And how would that explain the animal deaths in other locales.

So what is going on? Are these kills related somehow? US Wildlife Officials say large bird and fish kills are not uncommon things. In fact, there have been 90 mass deaths of birds and wildlife reported in the US just in the last 6 months. Most succumb to disease or parasites. In Houston, Minnesota, a parasite infestations killed about 4,000 water birds between September and the end of November, 2010.

That’s not this though. I love it how the skeptics look for the easiest explanation.

In Baton Rouge, officials believe the roosting flock of blackbirds were spooked by a noise and struck nearby power lines. The cause of the bird deaths in Beebe, Arkansas is still being debated. One theory says that fireworks from local New Years Eve celebrations may have spooked the birds causing them to become disoriented.

A biologist from Cornell University said the birds may have been sucked up into a thunderstorm by a strong updraft of wind. the birds could then have become disoreinted, injured by hail or lightning, before falling to their deaths.

But that’s not this. And again – what about the other places in which this phenomenon is happening?

As for the fish deaths, officials believe the unusually cold weather in maryland was responsible for the Chesapeake Bay fish kill. In Brazil, wildlife experts are still puzzled.

Check out this episode from Paranormal TV. And while we’re at it – Consider this a call for a Third X Files Movie. The last one was okay at best. They have to go out with something much better.

x files birds

Click for episode of Paranormal TV

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