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September 21st, 2010 · No Comments · Media

Sorry everyone – gonna move off the recent spate of technology related articles to something from the…


I mean once, twice, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, this one that one, Judges hearing celebrity cases take note of NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson’s late daughter Casey, who was battling drugs and alcohol, and eventually found dead in her California home.

But yet – AGAIN – Paris Hilton is in the news for cocaine possession to which she again, easily pleaded guilty, almost as if it was a bore, to misdemeanor charges stemming from her cocaine arrest last month.

Most black men in the state of California who face a felony drug charge would not so easily avoid jail time.

It was stupid really, just dumb luck on the cop’s part. Hilton was arrested, along with 34-year-old Las Vegas nightclub tycoon, Cy Waits. Wonder what happened to him – does he just make a sizeable donation to the widows fund? But over a half a gram of blow in New York state is a felony – and felonies don’t go away.

But for this pair – it’s just a laugh.

And I wonder. Right now I’m having some discipline issues with my 10 year old boy. He knows I’m not going to lay a hand on him, though it worked on me – in fact a strap did when I was really bad, but nothing we seem to take away from him, no privilege that he is denied or activities canceled seems to work.



The Hollywood rags of course choose to focus on her outfit which she wore to her arraignment (a champagne-colored blouse, a black pencil skirt and black platform heels), rather than on the fact that Justice is flat out not fair. In fact, can we call it Justice anymore?

I think not. Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure should be ashamed to stay on the bench and should resign immediately. Hilton will serve a year of unsupervised probation….

uhhhh what? unsupervised probation. Why isn’t she in the slammer as a repeat offender with felony possession of cocaine….
and complete a drug abuse program (lol). Oh and she has to pay a fine of $2,000 (do you want that in big bills?) and complete 200 hours of community service – like she’ll show up.

“The purpose of this at this point is that you change your conduct,” Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure told Hilton “The Clark County Detention Center is not ….. (does it even matter whatever else he said)?

Again – Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure – you are a disgrace.

And how many kids like mine will grow up thinking there are no limits to how you can act out, as they’ll all undoubtedly wind up reality television stars or professional athletes.

Clark County prosecutor David Schubert (another stooge) bellowed “Our main concern is that Ms. Hilton stay out of trouble over the next year.”

Until Paris Hilton overdoses or crashes into a tree.

Here’s a rare 1986 clip of Iggy Pop performing Wild Child. Paris – what’s it gonna take?

paris hilton cocaine

paris hilton cocaine

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