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October 17th, 2010 · No Comments · Media

Yankees lost – oh well, we did get our split. Ready to watch Phillies Giants and hope the Giants can slow the Phillies down. Wait what’s this. No game? What’s this announcer saying. You mean they really did it? Who knew that the closest I would get to seeing perhaps the two best pitchers in the majors square off would be a photo op at the All Star game.



There are some companies that I’ve railed on over the last year, perhaps none more than Apple. Although – caveat – even though I got caught with a Mac Cube (sucker), and an iPhone, I’ll probably go back for a Mac Book Pro at some point (though I’m not stupid enough to buy an iPad.

Before I go into my top 10 worst companies not to give a dime to, this article it should be known is being written because FOX yanked the NLCS game 1 between the Giants and Phillies which turned out to be a great game according to GameCast on ( is useless apparently now), and this is the final time that I’m going let myself be caught in the middle of Cablevision and one of their squabbles.

You turn on Channel 5 and they have a looped message about how Fox is upping their fees to Cablevision by 150 million or some obscene money hinting that they’re trying to negotiate in good faith. But I also know Cablevision. My cable service always has problems on some channels, the internet is mediocre at best, and we pay over $100 a month for “the triple play”.

Just to give you an idea of how bad and inept Cablevision is, I got an HD TV for my birthday and immediately called to get the HD box. I had 2 standard definition boxes because they practically insisted I take the second one even though we never set up our second television in the bedroom (baby), and it sat there for months unused.

So on September 24 I place my order and was told that I would receive my new boxes by FEDEX (see below), by Tuesday. By Wednesday when I hadn’t received them I called. Got them Thursday of the next week and guess what? With no return labels. Fedex wouldn’t come to pick them up, I had to wait (over a weekend), to get a return shipping label from Cablevision who was now billing me for four (4) boxes. Then Fedex (of course), doesn’t show up for 3 days! I’ll never forget the Fedex guy saying don’t worry we got your back as he happily carted off my three boxes (the original two standard def and one of the HD boxes that I immediately returned).

So – even though I will never again read the New York Post (owned by Rupert Murdoch despite the fact that they have a good mobile site – always will read the Daily News from now on), nor will I watch anything on Fox – if I can help it.

And any company owned by James Dolan (i.e. the New York Knicks whom he has single-handedly destroyed), like Cablevision – is not going to get my money unless they have a monopoly which they do of sorts in Brooklyn (Direct TV is worse) so I’m waiting for Verizon FIOS. As soon as they get here – goodbye Cablevision.

Here are my top 10 worst.

1. Sallie Mae (if we can’t pay for Nodari and Sofia to go to College – they’re either going to community college or not going but we won’t do the guaranteed loan scam)
2. T-Mobile (terrible service)
3. Bank Of America (hidden fees, extra fees, added fees)
4. Fedex (they’re pick up service is unreliable and I’ve had packages arrive damaged)
5. Netflix (one out of every three DVDs they sent me was scratched and would skip)
6. American Airlines (Canceled a flight to Paris and had a terrible contingency plan at an airport hotel which we had to stay on a monster line that by the time we got to our room it was an hour or so before we had to get up)
7 & 8 AOL and (predatory billing – in other words you say stop and they keep billing you)
9. GoDaddy Hosting Services (Never Again – they’re the worst. Their servers crash or they get hacked and they say too bad)
10. Any Indian or Southeast Asian web development company (they start out good then you have to chase them all over and they – in my experience – almost always misrepresent their qualifications and capabilities, a few others which I’ll add as I remember them….

Bottom line is that the only thing these companies understand is taking your business elsewhere. I was told that for every one letter writer – or in this case Blog Poster who takes the time to say something there are 500 others who feel the same way.

Tonight’s musical selection is from the GOD AWFUL James Dolan Band – JD and the Straight Shot. Boy are they bad. Look at his picture. The video is unwatchable. Nothing to say, what a loser. Money isn’t everything despite your self produced EPK and hangers-on.

James Dolan Band and Cablevision Suck - Boycott Fox Sports Because of their not showing the Phillies Giants 2010 NLCS

James Dolan Band like Cablevision Suck - Boycott Fox Sports Because of their not showing the Phillies Giants 2010 NLCS

Oh – and I thought of another one – BALLYS GYM where you can see my previous post here

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