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September 18th, 2011 · No Comments · Life Insurance

It’s an unpleasant subject.

In the Monday morning meeting I told this story about a friend,
who has three months until the end of his journey
the last leg of which began on a gurney
and will end with ceremony, and memories, but ultimately worry.

He’s got the religion now and for that I’m thankful
But whatever he’s got saved in the bank will NEVER
come close to taking care of his wife and his daughters
Because he never thought it important, nor bought for… them
the peace of mind and means to continue without him.

If he only had gotten around to getting his life insurance…

He is (soon to be was) strong as an ox.
But one day while he was eating his bento box
started panting and sweating, all the time forgetting
that his responsibility was not just to himself,
but to those who loved him and cared about his health,
Not just his wealth – of which there isn’t enough
to pay for all the stuff that’s coming… and he’s going.

Do you have YOUR life insurance?

That’s why they call it protection.
It’s a demonstration of affection
that comes at a premium no doubt.
For you will find there are few
whose loved ones will make due without their rock.
You see, soon… Daddy won’t be coming home anymore.
He will cease to walk through the door.
So what are you sitting there for?

It’s time that you get YOUR life insurance.

You can no longer plead ignorance.
You left no mark or did anything significant.
Perhaps to plan for those you love, and strive for issuance?
Look at you now.
Definitely not young, and not quite old.
Over and over it seems you were told
to think about the future, but you were too busy being cute ya
partied til dawn, went to Hooters for the game
came home late, over and over the same
you went out for drinks but never stopped to think

That you needed to put something aside for YOUR life insurance?

Maybe you plan on living forever?
Birth, School, Work, Death then hit the after party together?
Let me know when you get there and maybe you can float a feather across the room.
Like so many rock stars who died too soon but thought they’d get a message to the rest of us who
Never planned for such an eventuality
Never thought about leaving a REAL legacy.

It’s not too late to at least see if you qualify for YOUR life insurance.

It’s disturbing for sure, not pleasant to think about
But the only way to deal with it is to remove the doubt
Because you’re not God, and you can’t control when you’re going to die
When he wants you he’ll take you, sometimes without even the chance to say “Goodbye”
“YOU mean so much to me, I just want you to know that I planned for this inevitability”
And I know you may grieve
But you want have to worry about funds when I leave

An Unpleasant Subject Life Insurance

An Unpleasant Subject Life Insurance

#unpleasant subject

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