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June 20th, 2012 · No Comments · kids

I came up with The Princess Who Loves Ice Cream for my daughter Sofia.

Often times at night my daughter will finally have had enough of the iPad and wants for me to read her a story. This can sometimes be tiring after the first one or two. Just holding these big books which are anthologies of Disney tales and Princess stories get uncomfortable after a while. I remember my dad doing this for me. The one I remember to this day is his version of The Beatles “The Yellow Submarine” which he made into a spy story featuring Leena Gensta, Farley Quape and Malcolm Snerd.

I remember my sister and I laughing so hard. So one night, in a land far, far away – all the way out by zip code 11223, there lived a princess…. Disney get ready.

– Story By Brian McLane

the princess who loves ice cream

the princess who loves ice cream, by Brian Mclane

In a land far away, there is a Princess who lives in a wonderful castle.
Her father the King had to go away and left her with all her servants and guards.
One day, the Princess was trying on dresses up in her bedroom when she heard a sweet song from outside the Castle.
Friar Giacomo was pulling his ice cream cart when a Prince carrying a message sent by the King rode by.
“I’ll take an ice cream to the Princess,” thought the Prince, and rode into the Castle.
He tied up his horse and ran up the staircase to give the Princess the most beautiful gift ever, and departed.
The Princess loved his thoughtful gesture as it was smooth, creamy and tasted like love in a bite.
She wanted more, but when the Princess went to see, all she could hear was that sweet song in the distance.
The Princess commanded that her guard set out to find this wonderful ice-cream maker and offer a reward.
Word quickly spread and many tried to claim the gold, but each time the Princess was disappointed.

One evening the Princess was having dinner in the garden and heard a familiar tune from outside the castle walls.
With her guard, the Princess went outside the castle gates but saw no one as the sweet song faded into the distance.
The Princess was sad but just as she was about to cry, the Prince came back and they ran to each other.
She asked the Prince if he remembered from whom he got the wonderful ice cream.
He said he didn’t know but that he dressed like Monk. It must be Friar Giacomo she thought.
She asked for the Prince to take her immediately to the Monestary and they mounted his horse and rode out of the castle.
As the sun was setting, they rode through the forest and up the mountain towards the Monk’s lair hearing the sweet music getting louder.
The Prince and Princess knocked on the big iron door of the monestary and Friar Giacomo opened it.
That’s him! exclaimed the Prince to Friar Giacomo’s and the Princesses Surprise. He’s the one who makes the wonderful ice cream.
Friar Giacomo smiled and walked the Prince and Princess to his special ice cream cart and gave them both an ice cream.

The Princess was so happy and said to Friar Giacomo “You must bring your delicious ice cream to the Castle every day from now on.”
To this day, Friar Giacomo visits the Princess everyday with a different flavor of his most wonderful ice cream.
And the sweet music from his cart can be heard throughout the land.

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