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June 27th, 2011 · No Comments · humor

Bored? Try a Meatneck, Fishtail or Throat Flick. Fun With The Art of The Slap!

fishtail, meatneck, throat flick, bear claw, gorilla belly

fishtail, meatneck, throat flick, bear claw, gorilla belly

Ever just want to slap someone. Like when you just received some bad news, even the first person in your general vicinity would do. Well, that’s asking for it. But fret not slap enthusiasts, one way to have fun if you’re looking for a quick laugh is to inflict light pain on a friend or loved one (someone who’s not going to kill you) with a quick slap.

And it’s not just for fun. Meatneck (a cupped hand brought down on the side of your friend’s neck), fishtail (a back of the hand slap to the left or right of your target’s throat), and flick (a super-powered pent up middle finger locked, loaded and unleashed with devastating speed and precision) are excellent means of negative reinforcement say for grammar or math tutoring.

And for you tech minded and mobile enthusiasts there’s even a Slap App for you Android users. You choose what you want your “slap” to say and then you can personalize it with a message. Then you can make a slapping gesture with your phone, and your slap is on its way to whomever it was intended for. Happy slapping was a fad in the UK which involved relatively minor acts of violence upon an unwitting victim. It eventually got out of hand.

No. What I’m talking about is more good natured and well intended than that. The cultural aspects of the slap are usually dependent upon the severity and generally intended to humiliate rather than to injure. In high school, the group of friends I hung out with were adept at setting each other up and distracting one another while the Slapper crept into position to deliver a whack to the Slappee. Also a lot of fun is the throat flick.

Judging from the videos I’ve collected below, age is not a factor. Guys just love slapping each other.

Adam’s Apple Flick
Throat flick
Side Slap
Back of The Neck Slap
Double Meatneck
Chain Reaction Slap
Two For One Slap
Three Farts And A Slap
Slow Motion Slap
She Slap

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