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November 20th, 2011 · No Comments · Family and Friends


I am sorry for speaking to you so harshly last night. I know you mean well and you are trying to show that you are interested in things, want our approval and help with the things that you do, and want us to be proud of you.

Know that we are all proud of you and I am particularly impressed with everything you have achieved since you came to the USA a year and a half ago.

There are however some areas that I think you need some guidance in. Guidance and advice that I never received which I hope will make a difference in the kind of man you turn out to be.

First, it’s great that you have a love for the military, and in particular the Navy. The US Navy is one of the greatest fighting forces in the world. Without it, we would all be speaking German or Japanese now. For anyone to suggest that 2/3 of the Navy is “Gay” is ignorant, bigoted and narrow minded. There are a few things here that are important.

1. You don’t need to tell everyone what your plans for the future are. It’s great that you have a goal, but most people you meet will either want to get in the way of that goal or tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t try to reach it. This is simply because they never could.

2. Obviously being gay is not my personal sexual preference for myself or my family. Just like I’m glad I’m not Black or Chinese. However, saying something that is meant to be hurtful like he’s gay, or nigger, or whatever is not how we want to raise you. I’m not perfect of course and things sometimes slip. But as a general rule I am and want you to grow up to be a tolerant man. That means respecting someone else’s right to privacy, their sexual preference or color of their skin.

3. I could never have been, couldn’t now and nor could I ever in the future be a good enough person to be a soldier. I have friends who are soldiers and their self sacrifice is beyond anything that I can imagine. Especially when they come home from combat. Not on my best day could I be the worst soldier.

Second, I want you to think about these things and know that I love you, that I want the best for you, and want you to start filtering the information that comes into your mind and your social experience. Think about how you will either use it, or get rid of it, in order to be the best man, perhaps even soldier that you can.

That’s why the slogan for the armed forces is BE ALL YOU CAN BE.

With love,


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