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July 20th, 2012 · No Comments · Business

What is content marketing?

Let’s say you are an auto mechanic and strategically post a message, send out an article and/or video on your behalf about one aspect of fixing cars or another….

And 1000 people in your area see it/read it, and 50 of those 1000 people send it to 100 more people, and 5 of those folks send it to 25 more and so on and so forth, until you have reached thousands of people! Then we do that for you 2 to 3 times a week. Wouldn’t you agree that more and more people are going to start becoming aware of your business and start clicking on your website?

It’s the latest trend in online advertising. In PR we called it “fake news” where we would stage an event which was product placement and buy our way onto morning shows using the service offering called Satellite Media Tour. These days, there’s an easier way to grow Your business… Virally

In short, this is what viral marketing is all about. It spreads your marketing message to massive amounts of people that you wouldn’t have reached with other traditional forms of media. But a lot of people go about it the wrong way. They add hundreds or even thousands of people on Facebook as friends, follow a zillion people into a management nightmare on twitter and attempt to make connections on LinkedIn where the audience is a hundred times more selective.

People will be quick to unfriend you and hide you from their timeline and all that effort is wasted. Subtle is better. The content marketing paradigm is still a valid one only that rather than make all your posts about mortgage rates (if you’re a real estate agent), or about legal trends if you’re a lawyer, it’s preferable to do targeted blog posts selectively, perhaps once a week while the rest of your posts are general in nature, ranging from what to barbeque or your day at the beach.

You can’t have social media without interactivety.

Google will still like the fact that you are adding fresh content to your site regularly and if you’re actively seeking out backlinks (a few a week), you should see bonafide SEO results in anywhere from 4 to 8 months depending on your line of business.

The question is do you have a minimum of five hours a week to commit to social media? And do you have a uniform presence and brand on the Big 5 (Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)? And here’s a shocker. As of May 2012, Time spent on Facebook’s mobile site and apps per month (441 minutes) has finally surpassed usage of its classic website (391 minutes).

The bottom line is that he who has the most fresh original content wins. Do you have what it takes to be competitive amidst this new paradigm shift?

Well you don’t have to be but the company you choose to engage to help you meet people with social media presence and content marketing practices that work does. Simply put, the company you choose needs to walk the walk and talk the talk. They need to do this by acting on your behalf in both a generic and broadbased sense while simultaneously using a relevant personalized approach. Don’t forget to make sure your posts are tagged and are integrated and syndicated.

Ever wonder which celebrities use content marketing? How about Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Donald Glover, Joe Jonas, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Pete Wentz and Zooey Deschanel.

Want to get in on the action?

You need:
A kick butt, search engine friendly customized wordpress blog;
Branded Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and UStream Profile Pages;
Mobile Optimized Website as 30 percent of all search is done on mobile with an exponential leap predicted over the next few years;
Email Mail marketing platform with lead capture form;
Bi-weekly tweeting;
Backlink generation which you can do by advertising in local directories;
Generate Rich Media communication, and
Someone to oversea all of the above.

If you agree, email me at Here’s a great article from the Australian Direct Marketing Association that you should read. Enjoy.

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