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July 10th, 2012 · No Comments · arts

The Outpost is a “Space Film Noir” that is set to Rock Music.

After two successful, sold-out runs of the Sci-Fi Rock Comedy “Europa” in New York, it is clear that a market exists for this kind of material. Meetings with theater and film industry executives have been positive and fruitful, though it was made clear that the music needed to go in a much more rock and “less Broadway” direction. It is important to keep in mind that we didn’t have a band for the Europa production, only piano. Also, the story needed to be easier to follow. Hence we have written an entirely new production. The original production can be seen on (Acts 1 and 2) and I would like everyone to watch it so we’re all starting from a common point of reference.

Borrowing from film classics Double Indemnity and Casablanca, The OUTPOST takes place on Jupiter’s moon Europa amidst the chaos of a civil war. The plot revolves around a gang of killers and thieves whose interests are potentially threatened by the arrival of newcomer. Unbeknownst to the gang, one of them is an informer and a who-is-it unfolds as the members of the group come to suspect one another. As events unfold, it is revealed that not all is what it appears to be, allegiances shift and an unlikely pair will emerge as the only ones who can save the entire solar system from catastrophe as the rest battle it out for survival.

With an original score and a who’s who of up and coming contemporary music talents, The Outpost also has REAL SCIENCE! Dr. Richard Greenberg, one of the scientists who is actually responsible for launching the real probes to Mars, Europa and beyond is a technical advisor on the project. This film is sure to be a modern day rock and roll movie classic.

The music for this film can be found at Outpost Rock Opera

What is on the site now are roughs from the current recordings pre-singing with the cast to lay down lead and background tracks. Also there are original demos as well with full band that are worth a listen. This process has started and will continue with some cast members this Friday then after the 16th of this month.

We have assembled AN AMAZING TEAM (there are 26 to be exact), in whom I am confident we can achieve our goal of creating a stylish and captivating 5-7 minute trailer.

We are actually going about this working backwards. As we don’t have a finished film with stunts, locations and special fx to cut a trailer from, we are going to film this as if it were a theater piece – only in a controlled environment against a green screen, theatrically lit and using the digital backlot technique. With the ability to use composite images and video in afterwards, this visual trailer will have depth and a variety of settings that filming a staged production couldn’t come close to matching. The method will be to film the actors singing the songs to and at one another as in a staged production within sets and against the recorded soundtrack.

At this point, it looks like all the main parts are cast. The actors and voices we have been able to secure are amazing. In fact there are 1 or willing understudies for each role! We are coming to terms with our Director, have a Director of Photography, Music Director, Writers, Cameramen, Sound Designer/Soundman, Lighting Director, Marketing and Distribution Consultants, Financing Consultant, Associate Producers, Wardrobe and Make-Up Artist, and of course an incredible cast.

We have a lot of hopes for this project though we realize it’s a long shot. However at the very least it will be on the web as a web series and we will also shop the property to foreign outlets. One of the members of our team is expert in that. The actors will be seen. The goal is to be shopping the concept this fall, shooting over the first half of 2013 and then going into post during the second half while we start the marketing. An early 2014 release date would be a big win.

One other possibility is that it gets picked up for television. There are too many niche networks popping up that are just recycling content that will love a fresh new concept like this. Lastly, we will be able to provide video and audio links that the cast can add to their reels.

So there it is. I am really excited that after a year of incubation that The Outpost is moving forward, and that you are interested in and willing to be a part of making this dream a reality.

Whether or not this film is a success remains to be seen though I have a pretty good track record of seeing projects through from concept to completion. You comments, good wishes and a little luck can’t hurt.

Here’s a list of the amazing cast and crew. Join us on Facebook and get involved at

Book, Music and Lyrics by Brian McLane

Scarpa – Kenton Findley
Liza – Arianna Armon
Harley – Shawn Sugrue
Stella – Jessie Pridemore
Valentine – Alisa Boniello
Alexis – Lorianna Israilova
Iggy – Pedro Vasquez
Boyle – SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST STAR! (We can’t announce it just yet)

Directed by The DaMota Brothers (David DaMota and Justin DaMota)
Screenplay Brian McLane and Dylan Bank
Cinematographer – Brian Spada
Director of Photography – Chris Rubin
Lead Camera – Richard Darrigo
Associate Producer – Michael Farr
Associate Producer – Kweighbaye Kotee

Finance Eric Felton
Marketing New York Media Group
Choreography – Victoria Persephone



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