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September 9th, 2011 · 2 Comments · arts


I just walked down West 25 and stuck my head into every gallery on the way to the Mike Cockrill Show. While there were a few interesting shows that were setting up for the night, it was hard for me to determine what statement a sports car wrapped in plastic bags, or a mannequin cut in half and the sides reversed was making, much less how they would generate money for their respective galleries.

There were a few other shows with some interesting oils but nothing on the level of Mike Cockrill. The show is a survey of recent paintings, many of which are featured in a new book the gallery has published about Mike’s work.

I was fortunate to meet Mike Cockrill a few years back through Mark Kostabi. I love Kostabi. So I went out to meet Mike Cockrill to talk to him about Mark and what I saw in his studio blew me away. What immediately caught my attention was the Clown Killer Girl Series. And to be sure they were there at Kent Fine Art in force.

For me, images evoke images from my childhood, scary and familiar. They are from a time that is retro. Back in the 1950’s and early 60’s America was in its hey day and was a safe place. Not just physically but economically and socio-politically too. Mike uses that setting as the background for his evocative and in many ways disturbing images.

Images mixed with the seductive and innocent that would more easily fit with the media of today but recalling a sense of innocence that I think our society has lost.

Some of the images I took in at the show included Girlscouts, models with nubile bodies and the head of a fox in bobbie socks; Cowboys and cowgirls, Teachers and students, men in ties with young ladies holding court, Girls in Catholic school uniforms holding a gun on boys unaware; Girls plotting, scheming, whispering; and the time and place always seems to be in the early 60’s yet it is the girls whom always have the upper hand.

The canvases are colorful but subtle.

If you are in New York go see this show! And buy the book. I did. Here is the invite.

Mike Cockrill at Kent Fine Art

Click to see invite for Mike Cockrill at Kent Fine Art

For artwork and exhibition inquiries:
Kent Fine Art
210 Eleventh Ave. NY. 1001

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  • Mike Cockrill

    What a nice review Brian. Thank you.
    I think I’ll put it in the gallery book
    (It was nice seeing you at the opening)


  • admin

    Wow – how did you find it? You know it’s amazing but my blog gets over 200 hits a day and I have over 20,000 social media connections. Everyone of them needs to know about your work. It’s engaging, accessible, tantalizing, interpretive, I could go on. Just have to figure out how I’m going to convince my wife to let me buy one! : )

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