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I formed iProgram in the summer of 2005 due to repeated requests for me to research deliver a live to phone solution for my clients.  This was followed up by our creation of a now patent-pending technology tool that creates WAP sites with streaming video through an interface.  We believe it will be like a “super twitter”. Until the carriers can create an aggregation model that allows MMS to be used as easily and ubiquitously as SMS by the enterprise, rich media delivery platforms such as ours will pose a unique value to the Aggregators, Mobile Marketing Companies, Enterprise Clients and Website Developers. Even after the carriers bring MMS to a point that it is easy, the added functionality that we have deployed including the provisioning portal and database management aspects will represent high value to the enterprise and SMB market segments.

Additionally, I have built an agency and have worked on campaigns including for Volvo, Harley Davidson, Motley Crue, Richard Branson, Eminem, and dozens of events including product launchs, venue openings, in-stores and red carpets.  These experiences have enabled me to hone strong sales and project management skills, think strategically and of course, multi-task.  My understanding of both traditional media as well as today’s emerging technologies (social networks, mobile video and webcasting, etc.) makes me unique qualified to address your mobile, digital and emerging technology needs.

Why is the GOP so far behind????

Why is the GOP so far behind????

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